Benefits of Water Softening and Filtration Products

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Thinking of water as a public utility without any imperfections has prevented a lot of Picture Rocks homeowners from examining the quality of their water and taking actions to purify the water flowing through their plumbing systems. Purchasing water softening and filtration devices from your plumber is a wise choice if you want to take steps to eliminate pollutants in your tap water. Purifying your water is important for safe cooking, drinking, and cleaning. Water softening and filtration products, such as reverse osmosis (RO) system filters and water softeners, work to limit the number of microorganisms and hazardous chemicals that your household comes into contact with. Some homeowners use RO system filters and water softeners concurrently to achieve maximum benefits.

What Are RO System Filters?

RO system filters are popular water purifiers that improve water quality by removing pesticides, detergents, sulfates, fluoride, chlorine, nitrates, salt, and lead from tap water. RO system filters eliminate harmful contaminants by forcing water through filters, and your plumber will probably suggest them to you if you are looking for a product that makes your water colorless, odorless, soft, pure, and better tasting.

What Are Water Softeners?

If you're struggling with hard water, request a water softener product from your plumber. Water softeners make your water taste better, your dishes shinier, your hair and skin softer and cleaner, and your home's pipes less clogged. Water softeners involve ionization, a process which replaces magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions and makes water softer. Water softeners are often used alongside RO system filters because water softeners only soften the water, not purify the water.

Whether you decide to purchase an RO system filter, a water softener, or both for your Picture Rocks home, an experienced plumber from Zing Plumbing can recommend a product that meets your requirements and preferences.

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