The Do's and Don'ts of Garbage Disposals in Tucson

garbage disposals tucson azHaving a garbage disposal in Tucson is a great additional feature to any home. Not only does this cut back on the likelihood of having trash sitting around until it starts to stink, it helps reduce the amount of trash your household contributes to the landfill. However, one common problem that occurs is that homeowners seem to think this new sink disposal is indestructible and can end up really pushing it to the limits.

As a responsible homeowner, we are sure that you would like to avoid this. What is the point of having this system installed in your home only to end up needing repairs or replacement early on? So, if you would like to prevent this from happening, here are so things that you should or should not do to prolong the lifespan and enhance the performance of your disposal.

How to Treat Garbage Disposals in Tucson

What are some tips you need to know in order to keep your system in proper working order?

Don't put grease in your disposal!

Most people know this to be true for their sink drain but assume it is okay for the other side. Grease will still coagulate and cause clogs, as well as get in the gears and impede the ability of your system to work. Always dispose of grease in a safe manner that does not pose a threat to your plumbing in any way.

Do make it a point to keep it clean!

Dish soap or the occasional lemon are ideal for cleaning away lingering debris. This not only helps your system work better, it reduces the likelihood of any foul odors starting and sticking around. The last thing that you want is to end up with bad smells showing up because it can be difficult to get them to go away.

Don't overfill it!

It can be easy to assume that your brand new sink disposal is ready to take on anything you can give it – as long as it is food related. If you have ever fed too much paper through a paper shredder than you know what is like to end up jamming the blades. There is no reason to put your disposal to the test and push it to the limits – just be patient.

Do cut up large items!

Just like with the overfeeding with too much stuff, you can have the same problem with putting items in that are too large. Make it a point to cut up these items up so that you do not run into this kind of an issue.

Don't use harsh cleaning agents!

This is a rule to follow for all of your drains. Those store-bought, harsh chemical cleaners meant to help with cleaning and clogs can do more harm than good. This can actually eat away at the pipes and plumbing. Also, avoid abrasive cleaning agents which can damages even the blades of garbage disposals in Tucson.

Do get it checked if you notice any changes!

A common mistake is to keep using your disposal if you notice any differences. Of course it is not any better to stop using it because it doesn't work right. Make it a point to get garbage disposal repairs so you can continue to use your new sin disposal, hassle free.

Let the Pros Help

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