Modern Trends In Sink, Bathtub, & Shower Fixtures

Modern Trends In Sink, Bathtub, & Shower FixturesIf you keep up with trending design styles, you'll want to know more about modern trends in sink, bathtub, and shower fixtures.

In home building and remodeling, design trends lean toward custom features. Many homeowners are concerned with high efficiency water heating, water softeners and filtration systems, custom made bathroom sinks, luxury showers, heated flooring, and more.

With the way our society is leaning toward eco-friendly materials, there are also a greater number of products on the market which are earth friendly. Bamboo and other natural materials are in style more than ever before.

There are plenty of options in modern sink, bathtub, and shower fixtures to choose from. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom and replacing the tub or you need to replace a faucet due to a leak, these fixtures can be updated with contemporary hardware.

Modern Shower Fixtures - Body Sprayers For The Shower

As a custom shower fixture, body sprayers are a terrific option when they are integrated into the shower wall. They can massage your body or provide a relaxing mist. Several are usually installed into the shower wall in addition to the showerhead.

Dual-Flush Toilets

Dual flush toilets have two flushing methods, either a low-water flush for liquid waste or a full 16-gallon flush for solid waste. Saving water is important for everyone. These modern toilets encourage responsible flushing.

Sink Fixture Hardware

The faucets, spigots, and shower heads in your bathrooms are small fixtures that often need repair or replacing. When you hire a Tucson Plumber for a remodel but plan to keep your large fixtures, changing out the small fixtures can help you create a new design.

Today, modern trends in small bathroom fixtures are leaning toward mixed metals. Mixing the type of metals used in the bathroom design gives you a sort of eclectic look that blends together nicely.

High-Tech faucets are available today. These modern faucets can kill bacteria, activate upon sensing motion or create a solid stream of water which doesn't splash.

Modern Bathtubs - Freestanding Tubs

While freestanding tubs aren't new, the modern style of today's freestanding tubs is. They can put an incredible "wow" factor in your new bathroom. They are replacing garden tubs and Jacuzzi tubs that have been so popular until recently.

Freestanding Tubs can be made of a wide range of materials and come in a wide range of finishes. Copper, cast iron, volcanic stone, brass, and even wood freestanding tubs are definite options if you're looking for a modern bathtub.

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