Ground Water Leak Repair in Vail, AZ

The homeowner had a leak in the ground at the water meter. The Dug area found a PVC water delivery pipe cracked. Discussed the situation with the homeowner, they decided to have Zing Plumbing make a temporary repair at the meter, allowing the water to be turned on to the home, and fully replace the water pipe from meter to home. The home had an existing 1.5" inch PVC which is full of BPA ( health concern) and prone to fractures due to the material drying out, becoming brittle and natural ground movement forces a fracture. We installed a premium flexible PEX material with new emergency shutoff control at the water meter and tracer wire attached to the new pipe for future locating. Once the plumbing connections were made, tested for the proper function of plumbing fixtures in-home, we backfilled the trench and set landscaping to original condition.

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