Tucson Main Water Line Repair

With home plumbing, most people don’t ever think about their main water line until it’s too late. The main line is an essential piece of your plumbing, and when you have a leak or clog, you need the expert help that Zing Plumbing can bring.

Think of your main water line as the primary artery that brings water into your home. A blockage in this line is catastrophic and impacts the entire plumbing in your home. Since your mainline is buried, you need a professional plumber to repair it or put in a replacement. Call us, and we’ll handle it from start to finish.

A slab leak can ruin your foundation. Check out our slab leak repair service for expert help.

Signs You Need Main Water Line Replacement

It’s difficult to detect problems or assess the condition with the main water line. Main water lines are typically buried, and depending on the material used, they can last up to 100 years. However, like most plumbing, main water lines deteriorate, and here are signs you need repair or a new installation.

  • Reduction in water pressure
  • An unexpected spike in water bills
  • Damp spots in the yard
  • Dirty, contaminated water

These signs don’t necessarily mean you have problems with your main line, but it’s advised that you have a professional check to be sure.

Your Main Water Line Is Damaged. What Do You Do Now?

If you’ve had a pro diagnose an issue with your main line, the next question is, “Should I repair or replace it?” Your residential plumber is best qualified to answer, but consider this: If you have an older home that used galvanized steel for pipes, you may be required by law to replace them. Also, any prior repairs may make another failure likely. Call us and let us assess your situation and see if a repair or replacement is warranted.

A drain that continues to clog may require our drain cleaning services for a deep, thorough cleaning that lasts.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Line Repair?

A new main water line installation can be a time-consuming and expensive job. Most people would instead have their insurance pay for it, if possible. However, in most cases, insurance only covers damage if it’s caused by another party, such as a construction company. If you’re unsure about whether you’re covered, check with your agent.

Main water line repair is something best left to the pros. Call Zing Plumbing today in Tucson, AZ at 520-289-4693.