Tucson Water Filtration Systems

Discover how much better your life can be with a whole home water filtration system by calling Zing Plumbing today!

Perhaps you’ve never thought about getting a water purifier for your home, but think about how much money you spend on bottled water because you don’t like the taste of your home’s water. Saving money is only one of the benefits of water filtration. If you’re in Tucson, AZ, call Zing Plumbing today to find out more.

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Benefits of Installing a Whole Home Water Filtration System

Getting a whole house water filtration system may seem like a huge investment that’s not worth the money. But before you decide against it, check out how this system will improve your life.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you and your family are drinking, bathing, and cooking with the freshest, purest water that’s free from contaminants will let you rest easy.
  • Simple Solution: Getting a centralized system is easier and more straightforward than installing multiple filters throughout the house. It also makes maintenance easier.
  • Removes Contaminants: Water filters remove harmful contaminants such as chlorine and lead that can make water taste and smell bad and cause illnesses.
  • Reduces Mineral Buildup: Mineral buildup ruins clothes, appliances, pipes, and fixtures. A water filter solves this and extends the life of these items.

How Long Does a Home Water Filtration System Last?

Besides getting great-tasting and healthier water, a home water filter is easy to use and maintain. If you have a basic system, you might have to replace the sediment pre-filter every three to six months. More sophisticated systems that include sub-micron post-filters require replacing about every nine to 12 months. As you can see, your water filter is designed to work day in and out without you thinking about it. Call us for more information.

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What Contaminants Are in Tap Water?

Whether you get your water from a municipal source or a well, there’s a good chance it’s filled with contaminants. To get the purest, cleanest water for you and your family, you need a home water filter to take out things like:

  • Chlorine
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Sediments
  • Elevated Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Microorganisms

To ensure the health and safety of your family, give them the best drinking water possible. Call Zing Plumbing at 520-289-4693 and ask about our water filtration systems in Tucson, AZ.