Natural Gas Water Heater Installation in Tucson, AZ

Installed new Rheem 50 gallon natural gas water heater in mechanical room of home. Home has an indirect solar water heating system that works in conjunction w uhhith a traditional water heater. Existing gas water heater was in bad shape and certain devices found leaking on the tank. We installed a premium Rheem water heater, renovated the water piping at tank, new safe water temperature mixing device that regulates the amount of hot water going into home (safety device required with solar water heater), emergency water shutoff controls, high pressure expansion system, high pressure and temperature release system renovation, hot water instant delivery pump system, exhaust removal pipe at tank, upgraded scale removal system, and safety drain pan. Made necessary plumbing connections, hot water restored to home.decided to paint themselves.

Zing Plumbing - Natural Gas Heater Installation in Tucson, AZ