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All About Shower Plumbing

Shower plumbing

Understanding Shower Plumbing

Showers are a daily occurrence in most homes. The water gets turned on, and most people do not think about how complex the entire system is, not to mention the skill it takes to maintain it. Unfortunately, showers tend to be a centerpiece for many of the plumbing problems in a home. 

Today, plumbing experts have information to share about plumbing and the intricacy of the bathroom plumbing system, specifically shower plumbing. 

Overall Home Plumbing Information

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The home's plumbing system is one of the hardest working parts of the home. From supplying fresh water for cooking meals to removing the waste when the toilet gets flushed, the plumbing system in the home keeps people clean, safe, hydrated, and healthy.

There are two subsystems involved in the plumbing in the home - one that brings the freshwater in (connected to the city's water main) and one that removes the wastewater (connected to the city's sewer system). Both systems work using the natural forces of pressure and gravity - pressure to help the water move through the home and gravity to help it flow back out. 

While all of the pipes connect somehow, most of them lead both into and out of the bathroom. Many of them end up in the shower.

What's Different About Bathroom Plumbing?

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Every room in the home has its own unique plumbing set up, including the bathroom. While there are a variety of different fixtures and appliances in the kitchen and the laundry room, in nearly every case, the bathroom has the most of any other room. 

In the bathroom, water needs to be brought in and removed from sinks, faucets, toilets, bathtubs, and showers. Because of the large number of pipes involved in bathroom plumbing, there is also a larger likelihood that some plumbing issues will occur at some point.

Why Is Shower Plumbing So Complicated?

While the bathroom is full of fixtures, pipes, and drains, the shower is often the most complex. 

It all starts with the shower flange, arm, and head. There are plenty of different showerheads on the market, and each requires a slightly different approach if there is a problem. The shower arm attaches to pipes on the inside on the wall, which supplies the shower with hot water. 

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Depending on if the shower is part of a shower/bath combination or not, the remainder of the common parts may vary. In all cases, there will be a valve or control to set the water temperature on the shower wall and a drain in the bottom to take away the dirty water. 

Because of all the many different shower parts, regular maintenance is incredibly important. It's also worth installing a drain filter to catch any hair that may try to make its way down to drain, which can stop or at least minimize the potential for drain clogs.

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