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Avoid Broken Pipes During Rainy Season

Beware of Broken Pipes

With the start of spring, people will see heavy rainfall in preparation for fall months. This is the time when the earth replenishes its supply of moisture to grow flowers, trees, and crops. As much as everyone needs the received rain, if left unchecked, the excessive moisture under most houses can cause a significant problem.

Pipes are not made to handle too much pressure or buildup and if clogged, you could experience backups and broken pipes. This article will discuss a few things to look out for when it comes to your plumbing this spring.

Excess Rain Can Increase Water Pressure

water tipsWhen rainwater falls, the ground soaks up most of the moisture. Excess water runs off into storm drains and piping that leads to water treatment plants. When the soil gets overly saturated, however, it can back up into pipes and put pressure on the pipes under your house.

Rain can also force dirt, rocks, sticks, leaves, and other debris into cracks in your pipe and cause a backup. When pipes encounter more significant water pressure than they were meant to handle, they are more prone to cracking or bursting, causing floods and damage to your home and foundation.

The biggest issue is with pipes that are old or worn down. If you have had issues with a pipe leaking previously and it’s nearing the time to replace it, doing so sooner than later can prevent serious issues such as leaks and breaks from pressure caused by rainfall.

Tips for Avoiding Burst Pipes

Most homeowners think that once winter is over they won’t have to worry about pipes bursting. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. Pipes can burst during the springtime, too. If you want to prevent this from happening and becoming a disaster, there are a number of steps you can take.

avoid bursts

The best steps you can take to keep your pipes in working order are preventative ones. If you are aware of any plumbing issues, don’t wait until they get worse to get them fixed. Fixing issues right away will prevent pressure from being put on other parts of your plumbing.

Keep a close eye on your plumbing, as well. If you notice anything odd or unusual, have a plumber examine the issue before it grows worse. Catching problems early is the best way to prevent pipes from bursting and flooding your house.

How Plumbers Fix the Problem

pro plumbersIf you do end up with a burst pipe, the good news is that plumbers are experienced and know how to fix the issues. When dealing with a burst pipe, plumbing technicians will first assess the location and extent of the leak.

Using diagnostic equipment, they’ll be able to see where the pipe has been compromised, even if it’s in your cement slab foundation. If you have more than one leak, they’ll also be able to determine that. Next, they’ll determine what needs to occur to stop the leak and fix it once and for all. It could be as simple as replacing a section of the pipe where the leak is occurring.

If your leak is significant enough, however, and you need to replace an entire length of pipe, plumbers are equipped for this, as well. After turning the water off, they’ll remove sections of pipe that are damaged or unusable and swap them out for new copper piping. Once they seal your pipes, you’ll be back in business with a fully working plumbing system.

Friendly, Expert Plumbers

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