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Essential Faucet Leak Facts All Homeowners Should Know

The Problem With Leaky Faucets

Everyone has had that unfortunate event happen to them, even if it's solely with their kitchen plumbing. You’ve turned off your faucet after washing your hands, or maybe you just turned the sink off after finishing washing the dishes.

In any case, after turning the faucet handle, water is still coming out. You set to work using the internet to fix it, but after trying everything, the drip-drip of one drop of water falling out at a time is still there. This, along with other pipe leaks, are some of the reasons plumbers are so important.

This article will explain what to look out for when looking for faucet leaks and how a plumber would go about fixing it. It will also address what a leaky faucet could cost you.

When You Need Leaky Faucet Services

leak servicesWhile there are some obvious signs that your faucet has a leaking problem and needs fixing, there are some subtle changes you can also look for to know when you should fix your faucet.

If your faucet is dripping water even after you turn it off, this means that your faucet is definitely leaking. At first, it might seem like a little drip, and you just need to push a little harder on the handle to turn it off.

If this happens, it’s best to get your faucet fixed as soon as possible. If you leave it be, eventually you won’t be able to stop the dripping no matter how tightly you push on the handle or how much you tighten it.

While leaking from the faucet spout is obvious, another common but much less obvious site for leaking is at the faucet base. If you go to turn on your faucet and notice a bunch of water present under the spout, it’s highly likely you have a base leak. These types of leaks are mostly at work only when the faucet is on.

Sometimes the hardest leaks to identify are the ones not usually seen. Not many people look for leaks that occur directly under the faucet. Because people rarely look down below, these leaks are the kind that tends to be left alone the longest and results in massive water puddles in the cabinet you rarely look into.

How a Plumber Would Fix It

The way you go about fixing a leak is dependent on where it is located and how the leak came to be. For leaks coming from the spout, a plumber would usually fix this by taking out the faucet cartridge and replacing it with a new one. The faucet cartridge is a valve that controls the water flow in the faucet. This would work for most sinks, but there are a few sinks out there that don't have faucet cartridges.

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If the leak is coming from the base, a plumber would usually start by checking the O-ring. The O-ring is a rubber ring that is usually present within the inside of the faucet base that is supposed to protect the base against water, keeping the water from seeping out.

If the O-ring is cracked and dried up, it needs to be replaced. Less likely, the faucet cartridge has worn down and is letting water slip out. So, if replacing the O-ring doesn’t help, the next step would be to replace the cartridge.

Leaking under the sink usually happens because some of the connecting places for the pipes aren’t screwed together tightly enough or the faucet pipe or another pipe is worn out. To figure out where the leak is coming from, clear out the cabinet under the sink and lay down some paper towels. After you have figured out where the leak is, try to tighten where the pipes connect. If that doesn’t work, it might be time to buy some replacement parts.

Leaking Cost

faucet leak costThe most obvious cost of a leak is the increase in your water bill. Even though it seems like just a few drops at first, those few drops can build up. Also, the water flowing out can create stains on or even damage the unit the faucet is on top of, such as a vanity or bathroom cabinet.

This is especially true for base and cabinet leaks. Lastly, the drip-drip of the water is really annoying and can really mess with some people’s heads, so it is best to get your leak fixed as fast as possible.

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