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Why it is important to Avoid Hiring a Plumber Without Qualifications

What Can Happen When an Unqualified Plumber is Hired

Houses are pretty durable objects. They can withstand storms with extreme wind, hail, snow, rain, and more. Though houses seem like they are invincible, they still need to be taken care of properly to function well and provide a safe home for the people living in it. Not caring for the house can lead to some dangerous realities.

For instance, many plumbing issues can arise from a lack of maintenance. A small water leak in a pipe may not seem like a big deal, but if it’s not taken care of, it could cause serious water damage and flooding in the home.

If there is a small crack in the outdoor pipes, roots can enter into the pipe and cause root clogs that block the entire plumbing system. This is why it’s critical to maintain the plumbing system and use a professional plumber to do so.

Why a Plumbing Degree is Necessary

plumbing degreeProfessional plumbers need to have a plumbing degree for all common plumbing problems. By earning this degree, it shows that a plumber has the logic and experience needed to approach and resolve each problem.

Each plumbing issue is unique in its own way, so plumbers need to have the knowledge to resolve new problems in any situation. To earn a plumbing degree, they must take classes to learn about plumbing theories, water hydraulics, and the parts of the plumbing system.

Becoming a plumber is no easy task, and these lessons help them to understand the difference in fixing a toilet clog versus a root clog or fixing a leaking pipe versus a burst pipe. Of course, their education doesn’t stop after receiving the degree.

Plumbers must also complete an apprenticeship program to become licensed. Having a plumbing degree and license reassures homeowners that the plumber is educated, experienced, and can fix the plumbing issue they are facing.

What Happens When Plumbers Don’t Have Permits

Permits are not required for every plumbing project. For example, a small repair like fixing a leaking sink faucet does not require a permit. However, when the existing plumbing system is altered, a permit is required. This includes most plumbing jobs such as water heater replacements or alterations to the piping in the wall, ceiling, or floor.

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A valid permit ensures that any repairs or replacements stay within the state’s regulations. Without a permit, the plumbing system may not be within code and could become unsafe for the people living in it. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that the plumber they hire has an up-to-date license and permit.

Using the Wrong Plumbing Tools

using wrong toolsWhen people start a new job, they usually have no clue what they are doing. Even if they are a knowledgeable professional, it still takes time and training to become acquainted with how things are done within a specific company.

The same is true with plumbers. Without proper training, plumbers could end up using the wrong tools or replace pipes and other plumbing fixtures with the wrong materials.

An error like this could cost homeowners extra to fix the resulting issues. Therefore, it’s important that homeowners do their research to make sure the plumber they are looking to hire is experienced and will use the right tools to fix the problem at hand.

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