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Having a reliable, licensed plumber on call 24 hours a day gives you peace of mind for when disaster strikes. Call Zing Plumbing the next time you need an emergency plumber.

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No one likes the thought of a burst pipe, a backed up sewer, or a failed water heater. But they’re a part of being a homeowner. And when you face one of these problems, it’s good to know you have a professional company by your side day or night to help. Remember the name Zing Plumbing and call us when you need expert plumbing repairs in South Tucson, AZ.

Finding a contractor you can trust is a daunting task. See what our customer testimonials have to say about our work and then give us a chance.

When to Call an Emergency Plumber

At some point during homeownership, you will face a plumbing emergency. And when it happens, time is crucial to prevent damage to your property. Having a licensed emergency plumber in your contact list will give you peace of mind during these situations. Call on us, day or night, when you have:

  • Clogged sinks
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Blocked bathtub and shower drain
  • Leaking water heater
  • Water heater failure
  • Leaking water line
  • Backed up sewer line

Don’t panic when you’re facing a plumbing disaster. Call Zing Plumbing and let our experts take it from there.

Reasons to Get Professional Drain Cleaning

You probably don’t think about calling a plumber when you have a clog or slow drain. Most people don’t. Most people reach for a plunger or a drain cleaner from the store to solve the problem. However, many times, these fixes are only temporary and don’t get to the root of the problem. And in the case of drain cleaners, some contain harsh chemicals that can damage your plumbing. For deep, thorough cleaning that leaves your pipes like new, it’s best to call a plumber for drain cleaning. We use tools and techniques that are safe for your pipes and ensure you get the best cleaning possible without chemicals. Call us today to schedule your clogged drain repair and get your pipes flowing like new.

Hiring a plumber doesn’t have to break the bank. We have many financing options to save you money.

Solving Hot Water Woes

If it’s a battle every morning for the hot water, it could be a problem with your water heater. Running out of hot water is one of the symptoms of a failing water heater. Also, maybe your water heater is old and can’t handle the load anymore. If you’re sick of fighting over the shower for fear of running out of hot water, call Zing Plumbing and let us assess your current system and see if it needs repair or replacement. Or, maybe a tankless water heater is right for you. Whatever the issue, we can solve your hot water woes so everyone in your family can enjoy a hot shower.

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Don’t panic when a plumbing disaster strikes. Remember to call Zing Plumbing at (520) 289-4693 for service in South Tucson, AZ.